John in Japan

Thanks for the invite. I am John Janzen. I am living in Japan. I am kind of a missionary, but then aren't we all.

This will be my first Brian McLaren book, though so much of what I have heard him say in different places online, I have very liked. So I don't expect to be among the Brian bashers, but I haven't got the book yet. I tend to like it when he says things that sound heretical or unorthodox, because I tend to think that orthodoxy is an illusion.

I will order the book today, but it might take a while longer to get to Nagoya...

shout out

love to have a little shout out here for everyone out there reading the book, interested in reading the book or currently waiting on their front porch for the ups person to drop off your long awaited copy.

we figure this space might be as good as any to discuss the book & it will be so much more fun & interesting if you're along for the ride. we could become our own little virtual book club.

so give a little intro, who you are, where you're from & why you decided to read the book.
a couple of posts down the line, we'll figure out how to proceed from here...



This is a team blog, a place where we will have conversations about Brian McLaren's new book: a Generous Orthodoxy. Those who had placed a pre-order via amazon.com are receiving it as early as yesterday.

This is not an official website for Brian, Zondervan, Emergent, or any other organizational entity. It is simply a place for blogging our thoughts and conversations about the book and related matters.