a Generous Orthodoxy needs a new kind of evangelical

There are some interesting parallels to the chapter why I am an evangelical in a recent article by Tom Sine in PRISM magazine. Tom maps some of the changes ins American evangelicalism that led to the ungenerous polarizing orthodoxy currently driving the evangelical stream of the Christan faith. Is it possible to be an evangelical (being passionate about bringing the good news as Brian defines it) without being polarizing?

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jen lemen said...

i totally agree. i'm not sure though that either side is hungry enough for a third way. it seems that a whole re-education about the priorities of christians will be in order. i was recently in a truly crazy-making discussion with some conservative christian friends who did not see justice for the poor as a primary focus for believers. this might only speak to their particular brand of fundamentalism, but then again i have mainline liberal friends who have a hard time embracing the idea that anyone who would hold such views is salvageable at all. lots of crazy talk on both sides. it's hard to know what to do.