Jumping In

I have to say that I'm pretty nervous about doing this. My name is Karen Haluza and I'm relatively new to the "church world", which is why Jen invited me. I'm the token cultural atheist. Just reading the title of this book makes my eyes glaze over. Here - I'll write the whole thing down for you because it doesn't even fit on the Amazon description.

A Generous Orthodoxy - Why I am a missional-evangelical-post-protestant- liberal/conservative-mystical/poet-biblical-charismatic/comtemplative-fundamentalist/calvinist-anabaptist/anglican-methodist-catholic-green-incarnational-depressed-yet-hopeful-emergent-unfinished-Christian.

Whew! Props to Ken, but I have no idea what a Nietzschean concern for orthodoxy is. I've never been to seminary and tend to write about faith from a personal/experiential view. I tend to find that I am quintessentially emerging without even knowing it. I have major issues with the emerging church after having been wholly invested in a faith community that was an experiment in doing and being church in new ways. I am currently a member of an Episcopal church and value the tension and uncertainty of the theological debates occurring in that denomination over issues of inclusivity in church leadership. I blog at Raw Faith.

Amazon promises that my book is in the mail and I'm looking forward to seeing how we all explore what it has to say - together.

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jen lemen said...

karen, i'm glad you're here.
your honesty and down to earth perspectives will be refreshing.