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Hello everyone, DJ Chuang here. In cahoots with my partner in blogging, Jen Lemen, we've setup this space for conversations around Brian's new book, and am happy to hear that its first printing has sold out, but not so happy that our team of bloggers haven't received their copy yet. I did the techy stuff to get this launched, and Jen has assembled a great team of bloggers from a diverse range of voices and perspectives. After all, we wanted to be generous with the conversation, and not perpetuate the talk amongst ourselves. Jen will help guide the conversation after she intuitively senses that the book has arrived for our team, and do her doula magic to kick things off.

I've begun to read the physical book, as far as the preview chapters have been released, and one of my impressions of the book is: it reads like a blog! The only thing missing is timestamps and the links for comments! It's written in a first-person narrative, and traces Brian's meanderings and personal journey towards spiritual understanding, though he's quick to disclaim that clarity or certainty of knowledge is over-rated (was that in Chapter 0?). It's an honest and thoughtful reflection on the things he's learned and the things he's learning, and has a good interplay between feelings and thoughts, with an underlying desire to see the good and value of all perspectives by all of God's creation and His creatures, human beings in particular.

It's also fun for me to read, as he quotes snippets of conversations he's had with certain people, and I know who they are! (full disclosure: both Jen and I attend Brian's church) Makes me wonder if Jen or I will have one of our conversations quoted later on in the book, or maybe in the next book. :)


Andre Daley said...

DJ thanks for the preview chapters I got book today and will be reading on the plane on route to NYC this week end. Hopefully I'll have something of interest to add to the conversation then.

marko said...

did you all order copies from amazon or something? or was someone at Zondervan theoretically shipping copies to you? if there's a snag somewhere, i could certainly 2nd-day air a copy to each of you.

djchuang said...

And here's the scoop about Brian's next book according to amazon.com:

The Third Story
by Brian D. McLaren

Price information not available. You can still order this item, and we will request approval of the price via e-mail prior to shipment.

Order now to reserve your copy, and we'll request your approval via e-mail once the publisher announces the price.

Availability: This item has not yet been released. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

Edition: Hardcover

Product Details

* Hardcover: 256 pages
* Publisher: Jossey Bass Wiley; (May 20, 2005)
* ISBN: 0787975923

jen lemen said...

no worries, marko, grace gave me a few of brian's copies from zondervan and they're on their way to malaysia, japan & somewhere in the states via us postal service. we'll probably start next week.