public dialogue about the book

I've heard from a reliable source that there was a public dialogue on A Generous Orthodoxy at Regent College a few weeks ago [mentioned by Mike Todd here], featuring three theologians (including Stan Grenz, who died a few days later...). The dialogue is now available via their bookstore. It's not all positive by any means.

The CD's name is: Generous Orthodoxy - a Discussion, product number: RGCD3438C. It's not yet listed in their online bookstore, but it can be ordered by calling Toll-Free (US & Canada) 1-800-334-3279. $12.00 (CDN) for the double CD set.


get to the good stuff

Even though I was very excited to get the book on amazon.com pre-order and started up this team blog, I did not complete reading the book until this past weekend. For those of you already familiar with the emerging church conversation, jump to Chapter 17 and read the last 4 chapters. (Sorry, Jen, I miscounted, it's not the last 3, it's the last 4 chapters!) The first 16 (or 17, if you count chapter 0) chapters are nice; good pep rally for the diversity of Christianity. But the new stuff and mind-wrangling doesn't happen until ch. 17!

Salient sound bite from page 249: 'I originally titled this chapter "Why I Am Buddhist/ Muslim/ Hindu/ Jewish," seeking to echo-- provocatively-- Crawford's words about being linked to all people.' The book went to print with 'Why I Am Incarnational.' I started the chapter expecting his lessons learned from Eastern Orthodox, and turns out, Brian's saying something way different!

I won't write too much more of a spoiler here, but if you're like me, and trudging through the book, skip ahead, get to the end, and we'll pick up the conversation about it soon!