get to the good stuff

Even though I was very excited to get the book on amazon.com pre-order and started up this team blog, I did not complete reading the book until this past weekend. For those of you already familiar with the emerging church conversation, jump to Chapter 17 and read the last 4 chapters. (Sorry, Jen, I miscounted, it's not the last 3, it's the last 4 chapters!) The first 16 (or 17, if you count chapter 0) chapters are nice; good pep rally for the diversity of Christianity. But the new stuff and mind-wrangling doesn't happen until ch. 17!

Salient sound bite from page 249: 'I originally titled this chapter "Why I Am Buddhist/ Muslim/ Hindu/ Jewish," seeking to echo-- provocatively-- Crawford's words about being linked to all people.' The book went to print with 'Why I Am Incarnational.' I started the chapter expecting his lessons learned from Eastern Orthodox, and turns out, Brian's saying something way different!

I won't write too much more of a spoiler here, but if you're like me, and trudging through the book, skip ahead, get to the end, and we'll pick up the conversation about it soon!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to interject a utilitarian note, but I'm preparing to lead a group discussion of the book, Are any of you aware of posted study guides? Thanks for any leads....

ken said...

this was easily my favorite chapter in the book. the very day i read it, i had a great conversation with my friend at work (who's a mormon). I'll be blogging that story tonight, i think.