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I've heard from a reliable source that there was a public dialogue on A Generous Orthodoxy at Regent College a few weeks ago [mentioned by Mike Todd here], featuring three theologians (including Stan Grenz, who died a few days later...). The dialogue is now available via their bookstore. It's not all positive by any means.

The CD's name is: Generous Orthodoxy - a Discussion, product number: RGCD3438C. It's not yet listed in their online bookstore, but it can be ordered by calling Toll-Free (US & Canada) 1-800-334-3279. $12.00 (CDN) for the double CD set.

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Mike Todd said...

I was there for the seminar. I was a little disappointed, but I think it was my expectations that were out of line.

I would describe the evening as an academic critique of a book which is an invitation to a conversation. I went hoping for good discussion on the conversation. (Hopefully you get what I mean...)

Stan was the most supportive of Brian's work, although he did outline some concerns. This should come as no surprise - in Brian's tribute to Stan he mentions the fact that Stan disagreed with some of his conclusions. Charles Ringma was the most critical, and Darrell Johnson was in the middle.

If you're interested in a critique as described above then it might be worth listening to. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.