The Last Word (Not Likely!)

Just an FYI... Over at Waving or Drowning? I'm going to blog my way through Brian's new book, the afore-mentioned The Last Word and the Word after That. (There's no Chapter 0 this time 'round, but with the intro that'll be 30 posts. It'll be worth checking out just to see if I see it through!)

Rather than do a "review" I'm taking a point or issue from each chapter and relating to it personally. As always, I'd appreciate feedback and conversation via comments (or email). I've set up a Last Word list on my sidebar for easy tracking.


Lorna said...

Sounds great! I previewed the front page and it sounds pretty interesting. :) and I look forward to hearing how the book impacts you and others. Maybe me too if I can get it.

db said...

A pastor emailed me to say there was a pretty good chapter on Christian Ecology in there.

Blogged a link here, along with a link to your site.

Grace and peace,
Don Bosch
The Evangelical Ecologist